Methods to rent an apartment in Bucharest

Online or offline, we have a lot of ways to find apartments to rent in Bucharest. Their prices increase if it's closer to a metro station and depending how close to the city center it is.

Although living in the heart of the city may seem a perfect idea for an Erasmus student, we advice you to always check the heating system because the buildings from the city center are quite old and cold. Also, another disadvantage for a centered apartment will be the noise and keep in mind that it shouldn't be far away from your faculty,because sometimes, from a very crowded area of Bucharest it's taking a lot to arrive in other especially if the transportation method is not the metro.

During the research, you will contact maybe several real estate agencies or,sometimes, just the real owners of the house.

Sometimes the owners rather decide to search for tenants by themself due to economic reasons.Most of them benefit of this kind of services from the agencies and usually the agents ask for head start fee for their service both from the tenant and the owner of the house.


Bellow you will see a couple of useful links to find a house in Bucharest:

1. The website is one of the most known websites in Romania in order to rent/buy an apartment/house in every city of the country: operates as a national online market where everyone can promote their own goods, but is also a website that can be used in order to search apartments. The website address is: is the link you will use to access another site where you will find acommodation and also blog posts, rommates, photos, any kind of other information from different Erasmus students that use this platform.

Another website that has also a English version is Here the owners of the apartments just post announcements regarding their offers and you can use the contact information to get in touch with them.

5. is another website managed by real state agencies in order to help the customers to find apartments in Bucharest

6. Facebook

Also on Facebook there are several groups to find an apartment to rent or maybe a flatmate.

1. Caut Coleg which literally means "I'm searching for a flatmate" and is a Facebook group created for persons who already have a house and they need another person or maybe just want to find a shared house.

The group can be accessed from here:

2. A second group created for the same purpose is:

Other groups that you can use to find an apartment are the following: