When I became part of ESN, I was a shy little girl who left a small city to pursue my studies here in Bucharest. Today, I've transformed into one of the most extroverted individuals I know, always eager to embrace new challenges.

ESN allowed me to fuse two defining periods of my last years: Volunteering and Erasmus.

Beside the fun and network there is professionalism and I'm ready to take my involvement to the next level.

Volunteering has become a part of who I am, I cannot imagine myself without it, it's a lifestyle. Being part of ESN fills my heart with joy and the positive energy and incredible connections I make with people from all around the world fuel my passion for communication and community. It's where I truly feel alive and inspired.

I joined ESN to cure my post erasmus depression, now I find myself in a vibrant enviroment full of AMAZING people.
I think it's my time to give back to the community.

When I joined ESN i never imagined how much passion can bring in me. Since then, I am actively doing lots of stuff helping our Erasmus students.

With a gram of sparkles and a cup of joy, I'm ready to take upon any challenge that might intervene without worries as the ESN family will always have my back.

Hi! I'm Norina and I have been a volunteer here at ESN for eight months. In my free time I enjoy reading, painting, and petting cats :)). I'm very passionate about working with people and I can't wait to settle into my role!

After the life-changing experience I've had in my Erasmus mobility, I decided I wanted to join ESN so that I can re-create that feeling for Bucharest's incoming students. Excited to be here. Excited to capture these memories. Excited to share ESNUniBucharest's stories through our eyes (and lenses). Aaaand the story goes on.
See you on socials!

After my Erasmus period in Portugal, I began to truly understand what being part of the Erasmus Generation really means. I am filled with energy and desire to create the best possible experience for Erasmus students in Bucharest, and I have big plans in my second mandate as Web Administrator of ESN UniBucharest.