The Executive Board members of 2022/2023 are:

President - Cristi Tutulan

Nickname: Tutu
Studies: Power Engineering/ Entrepreneurship and Management
Always talking about: dogs, pizza, festivals, Harry Potter, Tv Series
"I don't believe you"

Vice-president - Erika Antonia

Nickname: Erikut
Studies: Chemistry
Always talking about: dogs,Tv series, parties,festivals,Vama Veche, reading, driving, sunsets, coffee

General Secretary - Bianca Fazacas


Erasmus in: Olomouc, Czech Republic & Kraków, Poland

Studies: Cartography/Geographic Information Systems
Always talking about: cats, concerts, probably Harry Styles

Events Manager - Florin Burz

Nickname: Florinache
Studies: Informatics
Always talking about: him

Communication Manager - Miruna Buscu

Nickname: Miru
Erasmus in: Rijeka, Croatia
Studies: Business and Tourism
Always talking about: Vama Veche, food, her stories, ESN
"I was born in Moscow"

Treasurer Int. - Tutu

Be Buddy Coordinator - Tatiana Ilie

Erasmus in: Sardinia, Italy
Studies: Psychology
Always talking about: festivals, TV Series, Vama Veche, theatre
"It happens "

Social Media Responsible -  Mara Mihai

Nickname: Rusti (Roostie)
Erasmus in: Bilbao, Spania (internship)
Studies: Product Design - Faculty of Interior Architecture
Always talking about: fluffy animals, memes, arts, partying&going out
"Oh well "

Web Administrator - Patricia Manole

Nickname: Pati
Studies: Informatics
Always talking about: Animals, coffee, books, concerts
" could be worse"