What are the International Erasmus Games?

The International Erasmus Games (IEG) are a pan European health and wellbeing initiative of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). We unite exchange student from all over Europe in an effort to promote sports as a universal language which is understood by everyone. Our efforts break all the barriers which separate the local and international communities of Europe and bring together people from all backgrounds, nationalities and age groups under the motto of healthy competition. Our volunteers organise and take part in sports competitions, running challenges, nutritional workshops and campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of obesity, alcohol and drug abuse.

How are we achieving our goals?

Our contribution focuses on implementing, promoting and organizing opportunities where our students and volunteers can engage in physical activity and education on the benefits of an active lifestyle, thus be healthy and well. But sport can also help to build team spirit and strengthen our ties with the communities that surround us. That is why we invest a lot in this cause and are involved in all levels of ESN with our community of local and national coordinators and our international team. Lastly, we are not alone in this battle as the EU strongly supports sports activities that bring people together and create new opportunities to integrate those from underprivileged or marginalized groups in society.

ESN Romania's been in love with the International Erasmus Games initiative since its beginnings and participated at the international phase during three editions (Milan – 2016, Nis – 2018 and Paris – 2019), while organising every year a national phase that brings together participants from all over the country, in an attempt to represent Romania at the international phase.

What made us fall in love with IEG? The enthusiasm of international students playing for their host city or their host country and the amazing way in which sports bring people together. Our international students also loved the experience a National Erasmus Games provides: doing sports in teams, healthy competition, getting to explore a new city and meeting other internationals from other Romanian cities. We love International Erasmus Games that much, that we even organised the 2020’s edition, in Cluj-Napoca, which unfortunately got cancelled due to the pandemic.

The last edition, in 2019, brought together around 100 international students and volunteers in Cluj-Napoca. Besides competing for a spot on the #RoadToParis, the guests had the chance to explore the unique Romanian traditions during a Romanian wedding themed traditional dinner, to discover the charming city of Cluj-Napoca through a guided tour, to attend an international cross, waving their countries’ flags or to attend yoga sessions. For more fun, a karaoke night and a Responsible Party were organised.