There is a time in mobility when Erasmus students have to deal a bit with the academic part of the mobility- exam periods. We know, they are even harder for us and they can stress you out, but with a dose of motivation, a great coffee and a quiet place to study, everything will become easier and you will pass the exams with good grades!

We think you’re questioning about spots in Bucharest where you actually cannot be disturbed and the coffee or tea has a good taste, that’s why we bring up some ideas of places where you can study.

  1. Seneca AntiCafe - It's a great location for studying which contains a generous library, a couple of computers and a coffee & buffet area. What's cool about this café is that you don't pay for your drinks, but for the time you spend in it. The price is 15 RON/hour and you have unlimited access to the buffet, which consists of everything you need for a few hours of study: water, coffee, bagels, etc.
    Address: Arhitect Ion Mincu Street, no.1
photo source: Seneca AntiCafe official page
  1. AM Social Space - A coffee place, close to Unirii Square, which is designed for the ones who need to work remotely, study, or simply socialize. Even though it is close to the city center, it is hidden from noise. You have a great internet connection, spots to plug your devices for charging and great coffee which can cost from 15 RON.
    Address: Constantin Bosianu Street, no. 21
photo source: AM Social Space facebook page
  1. IKEA Cafeteria- Pallady -Yes, you can laugh about this, but IKEA is actually a great place for studying! It has a cozy cafeteria, where the beverages are really cheap (a cappuccino is around 8 RON), it has a great view, free internet and it is not usually crowded (because it is kind of far away from the city center, but you can get to it easily with M3 red line). Moreover, if you wanna have lunch, you have the IKEA restaurant- with their great meatballs yummm!
    Address: Theodor Pallady Boulevard, no. 57
photo source: personal archive

These are not the only places in Bucharest to study efficiently, we have so many more tips that we are going to share through our social media platforms, so if you still don’t follow us, go and press “Follow” and stay tuned for more ideas of cool spots to study! Until then, enjoy your Erasmus time in Bucharest and see you at our events to make great memories together!

Article written by Elisa Podaru