Christmas is around the corner and everybody is going home to spend some time with their families. However, we know that some of you chose to stay in your Erasmus mobility even at this time of the year, because you want to experience your life abroad fully and that is cool!

Now that you are spending your holidays here, you are wondering what activities people usually do in Bucharest! We might have some ideas and we are more than pleased to share them with you!

1. Christmas Markets

This year, Bucharest has a lot of Christmas Markets in every district, so you can make a “christmas market hunt” and visit each one of them! They are open until the end of December- beginning of January. There is a shortlist:

  • The Christmas Market in Constitution Square
  • West Side Christmas Market
  • "City of Santa Claus" in the IOR Park
  • The "Christmas Story" fair of the Comic Opera for Children
  • Laminor Winter Wonderland
Laminor Winter Wonderland

2. Concerts / Spectacles / Exhibitions

Being the capital of a country means a lot of events, especially during this time of the year! If you search on the websites,there are a lot of concerts/plays/operas scheduled on these days:

  • La Bohème at Bucharest National Opera
  • Regal Viennese at Bucharest National Theatre
  • Traditional New Year's Concert - Bucharest Symphony Orchestra at Palatului Hall
  • The Picasso Effect at The Museum of Recent Art
  • Salvador Dali’s Universe at ARCUB
The Picasso Effect at the Museum of Recent Art

3. Outdoors Activities

Besides Christmas Markets and events, there are certain locations which we think you will love and are worth crossing by. They are decorated specifically for holidays, so you can do your instagram shots and share them with your loved ones

  • Garden of Lights at Botanical Garden
  • Gingerbread town, near West Side Christmas Market
  • Mița Biciclista House, close to Romana’s Square
Mița Biciclista House

4. One day trips

Bucharest is really close to the mountains and to the city of Brașov, so if you want to explore or just escape from the noise, you can take the train and in 2-3 hours you are surrounded by snow! Recommended locations:

  • Sinaia
  • Bușteni
  • Azuga
  • Brașov
  • Sighișoara
Cantacuzino Castle - Bușteni