13 years of ESN UniBucharest



On January 18th, 2023, ESN UniBucharest celebrated its 13th anniversary with a special event that brought together people from different sections and universities. The celebration was a testament to the unity and diversity that ESN stands for, and it was a joyous occasion for all who attended.


The event started with an introduction from us and we welcomed everyone and gave a brief overview of what was to come. We also thanked the guests for coming and expressed our gratitude for the support they gave to the ESN community. During the anniversary celebration, we took the opportunity to reflect on our journey so far and to express our gratitude for the support and contributions of our partners and volunteers.

We recognized that we wouldn't be where we are today without the help of many others who believed in our mission and supported us along the way. We were humbled by the impact we've made in our community, but we also acknowledged that our accomplishments were the result of collective efforts and collaboration. By recognizing the role of others in our success, we aimed to inspire a sense of community, appreciation, and accountability among those who attended the event. Our presentation was a reminder that great achievements are rarely accomplished alone, and that success is best measured by the positive impact we make on others.

The event was also a reminder of the importance of international student mobility and the role that ESN plays in supporting it. By promoting intercultural dialogue and providing practical support to exchange students, ESN UniBucharest and other ESN sections contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and interconnected world.

As we celebrate the 13th anniversary of ESN UniBucharest, let us remember the importance of unity and diversity, and let us continue to work towards creating a world where everyone can feel at home, regardless of their background. 

Happy anniversary, ESN UniBucharest!