Hidden autumn gems in Bucharest 


Usually, I am not a fan of autumn: it comes with cold and a lot of rain, but somehow this one feels a bit different, as the middle of October is still quite warm and not so harsh on us. I love the change from sandals to boots and from t-shirts to cool and warm coats and, as a typical white girl that loves to post stories on Instagram, I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and I get excited for it every year.

Because you might also enjoy little autumn details that tend to boost your mood, even when it’s cold outside, here is a list of how you can enjoy autumn-ish things in Bucharest!


Walk on orange and yellow leaves in the most beautiful parks

In order to have a lovely view of the Palace of the Parliament, you can go to Park Izvor to take an autumn walk. Pretty close to that, there is Cismigiu Park, another gem where we recommend you to come with a blanket and look at the lovely dogs that enjoy the leaves and being the center of attention for us all.

Another beautiful park that I recommend visiting for an autumn walk is Carol Park or, if you enjoy a more modern type of place, check out Moghioros Park.

Herastrau Park (or King Mihai I Park) is definitely another place to visit, as there you will also visit the beautiful and quiet Japanese Garden and, while you’re at it, you should cross the street to the Arch of Triumph of Bucharest. You will probably feel like you’ve just teleported to Paris for a moment, but you will be back in Bucharest when you go on top of the Arch and enjoy the view of the city. You can do that on the weekends, between 12:00 and 20:00, but be fast because October might be the last month of this year when you will be able to do that.


picture 1: Cismigiu Park during Autumn


Did anyone say Questo?

If you don’t know Questo, let me tell you that it is this app that I’ve used a lot lately, in Bucharest and Brasov, in order to discover the city better. And it is a perfect activity to do during autumn, as you explore the city and have fun with your friends at the same time. I recommend taking a selfie at each clue (place) you discover as it will definitely make you remember a beautiful and fun memory with your foreign friends, in Bucharest. 

Also, on October 29, YOXO and Questo have a collaboration together and you will be able to complete a free Questo that will be available that day on the app, where you can win different prizes and dress up for Halloween! 

picture 2: Bucharest Treasure Hunt by Questo


Craft for Halloween

Now that we got to “Halloween”, I have another idea for you! Even if you are a talented painter or you draw a tree as a brown stick with a green circle on top, there is no wrong way to paint at Ceramic Cafe. Bring your friends and paint Halloween related designs on mugs, plates, cups, vases and many others. You can even paint a beautiful gift for your pet at home! 

Ceramic Cafe is found on I.C. Visarion 20 Street.

Another place where you can show your talent is Bistro “Acuarela” which, besides being super cozy and nice, allows you to paint and brings you back to your childhood for a moment. Paint Halloween cards for your friends and give them to one another! “Acuarela” is found on Polona 40 Street. 

picture 3: Ideas for what you can do at Ceramic Cafe!


Fancy Halloween sweets

Because you might have a sweet tooth, just like me, I invite you to visit (or order from) Tort de Bezea, where you will find Halloween boxes and cakes. I assure you that they are simply delicious! 

You can also visit Armand cake shop, Ana Pan, or this absolutely lovely place in the middle of Bucharest, Cassandra Cake Shop (that is found right next to metro Piata Romana). 


picture 4: Halloween Cake from Tort de Bezea


Cozy coffee, tea and hot chocolate places

I told you about Starbucks and its famous Pumpkin Spice Latte before, but there are other places in Bucharest where you can sip from a cup of coffee with your friends while enjoying a cozy place. 

  1. The Coffee Factory (Regina Elisabeta 54 Boulevard)
  2. Starbucks for a classic Pumpkin Spice Latte (or Frappe, the cold version of it that I love!)
  3. FORMA Coffee Shop & Art Gallery (Ion Ghica 4 Street)
  4. FRUDISIAC (Intrarea Bitolia 4)
  5. Beans & Dots (Ion Brezoianu 23-25)
  6. First Coffee - Speciality Coffee Shop (Baniei 5 Street)
  7. M60 (D. I. Mendeleev 2 Street)
  8. Meron (Regina Elisabeta 40 Boulevard)
  9. Camera din Fata (D. I. Mendeleev 22 Street)
  10. Infinitea Tea House (Doctor Grigore Romniceanu 7 Street)
  11. Chaya Tea House (Ceaus Radu 7 Street)


 picture 5: Meron Cismigiu aka by favorite coffee shop in Bucharest


Events in Bucharest in October

Last but not least, let me tell you some cool autumn events that you can attend while in Bucharest, in October! To be easier to find more things about them, I will leave below the names of the events, as they are published on Facebook by their creators:

  • Halloween @ Monteoru Palace on October 29. Here, you need to dress up and you can also win a prize if you choose a spooky outfit! Doors are open for those who dare to come in and stay the night, for a Halloween party where the Palace spirits will entail secret stories that lie beneath the walls. The entry is FREE!
  • Halloween Speed Quiz at Mojo, on October 31. Just like a normal quiz, you still get to choose your own team name, but now you also choose your own scary themed 'buzzer sound' which will play every time you are the fastest team to answer. Teams can be a maximum of 6 people, and entry is 40 Lei per person.
  • Halloween Vintage Fair at Mon Paris Restaurant & Lounge, between October 25 and October 26. You get free shots and cool vintage clothes!
  • Hallo-Wine Fair at Maison 13 between October 29 and October 30. The entry is 10 RON and the fair will have amazing food, wine and local products!
  • Spooky Fest at Victoria Hub, between October 29 and October 30. The entry is free and you get to buy from here candles, decorations, accessories, clothes (handmade, secondhand, vintage), desserts, natural cosmetics and ceramic products. Also, if you are into it, you get to have your future read in tarot cards!


picture 6: cover of the Halloween @Monteoru Palace event


Autumn is really a beautiful season in Bucharest and if you will attend any of the events mentioned above, go to any of those coffee shops or have fun with any activity described in this article, don’t hesitate to tag us on Instagram or TikTok @esnunibucharest and share your memories with us!

Stay tuned for more articles on our blog!

Warm hugs,