What is a buddy?

A Buddy is a Romanian student, a volunteer that represents a primary contact person who helps you get started in your new city.

They provide you with information about student life and about Romanian culture especially during your first weeks in Bucharest and, eventually, during the whole time of your stay. They can show you around town or the way to the University, help you arrange your accommodation, tip you about the great places where you can hang out in the city and introduce you to the other international students.

Our buddies usually have experience from being former exchange students abroad, so being matched to one of our volunteers will surely be a very valuable service for you.

How can I get a buddy?

There are a few easy steps you should follow in order to get your buddy:

  1. Download the Papaya (ESN) application from the App Store or the Google Play Store . Go to the Papaya (ESN) website.
  2. Sign up on the platform.
  3. Select Exchange Student and Romania, the country where you're going to study.
  4. Select ESN UniBucharest as your ESN section.
  5. Fill your personal information, so you can match with your new buddy!
  6. Subscribe and wait for your match!