What makes ESN UniBucharest special

  Our Team

President - Teodora Gruia - Erasmus in Bochum, Germany

" Little did I know how much joining ESN would've changed me. I went from shaking just at the thought of having to introduce myself to being elected President. I won't lie and say it was easy but the memories and the accepting and warm people I've met make every second worth it."

Vice-president - Andreea Racoviceanu 

"It’s funny how one year ago ESN came to my ears for the first time and now I talk about ESN as much as I talk about my friends, family and cat. ESN feels like the right place to make your voice heard, to learn things from extraordinary people and discover yourself in the process."


General Secretary - Beatrice Anghel

"ESN for me is like having an Erasmus mobility in my own country. It is everything that a person with so much love for multiculturalism as I am could wish for: extraordinary people from all over the world, lovely values and causes and the place that allowed me to grow within it in the fastest and most beautiful way."


Events Manager - Liviana Strambeanu - Erasmus in Bologna, Italy

"I joined ESN in order to be able to experience internationalization in my own city by coming in contact with students of diverse cultural backgrounds. However, the reasons why I stayed are much deeper. While ESN started out as being one of my hobbies, in time, it became a passion. I began seeing the long-term relevance of my volunteer work not only for international students, but also for the local community. Moreover, I realised how much I identify with the values and causes promoted by ESN. This environment gave me the ability to grow personally and professionally, always unleashing me full potential. I’ve never felt such a strong sense of belonging to any project or organisation!"


Communication Manager - Alina Enache - Erasmus in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"When I joined ESN in 2018 I had no idea it would become such a big part of my life. In the beginning it felt like my Erasmus experience was brought back to life, being around international students everyday and adding value to their life in Bucharest. But sooner rather than later I began to see and to understand the hard work and passion behind this student association, I began to make friends and connections that I am sure will last a lifetime. ESN gave me the right environment where I was able to thrive, develop my skills and find myself."


Treasurer - Rebecca Herling - Erasmus in Trento, Italy

"After living almost 18 years in Italy when I was a freshman at my University I felt lost with so many new faces. But from the very first moment when I joined ESN UniBucharest I finally felt like home  because they welcomed us with warm and open arms. I've always lived in a multicultural environment and this is what I found here: a lot of passionate and motivated volunteers with different backgrounds that work together for the same values and causes and I think all of this is magical. ESN is the right place to grow and develop your personal skills while you are enjoying the erasmus life in your hometown."


Be Buddy Coordinator - Francisca Iacob - Erasmus in Reading, United Kingdom

"ESN is an important part of my journey of finding my “WHY”.  Being surrounded by young curious people with similar values as mine, motivates me and gives me energy to explore more and not settle.  I believe ESN is the perfect environment to grow in a supporting multicultural environment and help as well other students. "


Causes Coordinator -  Cristian Tutulan

"For me, ESN is like a second family where you find your place regardless of the field of study. Here you are surrounded by amazing people, always  eager to help you with advice or feedback and last but not least ESN offers you the support and security we all need."


Alumni Coordinator - Cristian Marinescu - Erasmus in Eskişehir, Turkey

I joined ESN in 2014 and little did I know this was the start of a great journey. From that year until now I walked a road full of surprises and beautiful people that now I get to call friends and family.

I learned so much about myself and how to work in a team, also how to connect with other people from different countries, discover their cultures and learn from them. 

For me ESN is my second home.




Web Admin - Patrick Moraru - Erasmus in Vilnius, Lithuania

"For me ESN has started to be part of my life almost 7 years ago, it's like a second family. I discovered them when I had my Erasmus experience in 2013 in Lithuania, the ESN MRU section motivated me to say “I want to be a part of this“ and I started to look for more information regarding ESN in Bucharest. I found that there was at that time ESN UniBuc (actual name now ESN UniBuchares)  and they recruited me. Since then I found out that there's big community all over Europe and this is one of the things that motivates me to stay in ESN, making new connections and developing myself in this big happy family"



Our Mascot - „Bucur”  is a playful monkey that attends our meetings and even tries to get some love and affection from the Erasmus students. He is for sure one of the main stars and sometimes it’s hard to keep him "home", since he’s quite a party animal. We make sure that he receives a lot of care and attention from our students and members, and that he also gets his share of fun and interculturality.