Are you curious to meet new people?  Or maybe you are looking for international love? 

Then this is your chance to dress up, stay in front of you camera , and prepare your best pick-up lines and conversation subjects while talking to new people! 

In Romania, on February 24, at 20:00 we celebrate love, so let's celebrate it together on our Speed Dating Online Event! 

Even if you are taken and you are not looking for love, here you will find new friends as well, so don't miss the chance of creating local and foreign connections that can make your Erasmus experience in Bucharest so much better during the next months!

This first date could be online, but the next one is up to you! Maybe ask him/her out for a coffe? 


When? Thursday, 24th of February, 20:00 (EET)

Where? Online.

Fill in this form in order to register.

NOTE: For more updated details, check out the Facebook event.

24/02/2022 - 20:00