"Spring is coming! The cold and gloomy weather is finally making way for warm times.
Since it's clearly a time for celebration, why not join in on all the fun with a through and through Romanian celebration: MĂRȚIŞOR.
Mărțişorul is a Romanian celebration, which takes place every year on the 1st of March.
Story time: In the past, mărțişorul was given as a present, on the 1st of March, to children and teens - girls and boys alike. The mărțišor thread was comprised of two thin threads of intertwined wool, in the colours white and red, which represent the unity of opposites: summer-winter, heat-cold, fertility-sterility, light-darkness.
This tradition has been passed down through generations and is still being kept by wearing the mărțişor for the entirety of the March month as a bracelet around the wrist or as a brooch.
If you feel the glee of Spring upon you and want to participate in a special and fun Romanian activity by creating YOUR VERY OWN MĂRȚIŞOARE to gift to all your friends and spread the happiness, then JOIN ESN UniBucharest, ESN ASE Bucharest and ESN Poli for the MĂRȚIŞOR WORKSHOP!
01/03/2020 - 13:00
  • Everyone is invited.