ERASMUS 2015-2016

This erasmus year in Bucharest was for me strongly intense and I wish everyody could have a similar experience. Romania attracted me alot, that's why I chose this destination and I've not been disapointed.

One and a half month after the end of my mobility, I can only find positives reviews about the persons I met (other ERASMUS, romanian friends, ESN members, classmates and professors), the trips and travels I've done, the discoveries of a new culture and lifestyle, and generally about all my everyday life during this memorable year.


Romania is simply and purely a country that lives. You'll always be amazed by this wonderfull country and all its diversity, and you'll be forever touched by people's kindness.

Bucharest is a very vibrant city (particulary the nightlife!), and I've been charmed by its originallities and contrasts. I never stoped to discover new aspects of this environment! If some take erasmus as a defined time of life, I think this is a part of life that concretely pushed us forward.


Multumesc România, pe curând!

It's been a great experience because I had never met before people from most of the countries, and they are wonderful people.

I also made a lot of things that I had never done before and visited countries that they would be difficult to visit from Spain. All of this have made me widen my sight of life and be more confident and proactive than I was before.

When I arrived in Bucharest, I felt nothing. But a few days later, I start to erasmus with ESN UniBuc . Honestly, I loved the experience in Bucharest, I've met a lot of nice people,made a cute friendships from different countries. And I have some first experiences like first couchsurfing experience, first hitchhiking. I learned too much thing. I learned live by myself.


Thank you ESN UniBuc, that are realy organise and they have lovely members. They organise a lot of parties and trips!

Romania is so beautiful country with natures. Erasmus is an important experience and Bucharest is the right place for do it!


Erasmus changed my life!

For a guy coming from Latin America Europe was a total mystery for me and I can say coming here has been one of the best decisions I have ever made: new friends, new cultures,amazing places to travel,endless party and unforgettable memories.


I will certainly never forget my Erasmus year!

I will remember every moment which I shared with amazing ERASMUS family.


Changing lives, opening minds , meeting nice people, eliminating prejudice and going social !

​ERASMUS 2014-2015

More fun than any combination of letters could describe :)(:

I really liked the experience in Bucharest, I've met a lot of interesting and nice people, in particular people from ESN that are really nice and organise a lot of parties and trips!


Bucharest it's so beautiful and I AM going to visit it again soon :)


Erasmus it's an important experience and Bucharest is the right place for do it! Erasmus changed my life!

Hi everyone,


It is not easy to sum up 4 months of meetings in just a few words! Let's give it a try : When I first landed in Romania, some people came to pick me up, a Romanian girl and a French guy. I immediatly thought that, with such an awesome couple, just to welcome me, the stay was starting awesomely. Then after, it was just a dream: always meeting new people (Erasmus or not) from everywhere. Talking about everything, argue about everything, but it's more like joking about everything. You can share cultures, languages, points of view, agree or not, but you get to love these people.


ESN does a fantastic job, planning visits, activities and above all, planning parties through the semester. They are really underrated heroes! I'll always keep these people in my heart and try to see them again, and come to visit them!


I think this sums up my Erasmus time. Now let's be more specific about Romania. I did not manage to see many parts of this country, but what I saw was beautiful. Transylvania is breathtaking, especially during winter, and I believe this is where you have to go if you travel in Romania. High mountains covered with snow, castles, with many green areas also, you can have everything in your eyesight. You can always find people willing to help and to welcome you if needed, share a piece of advice or history that is not written in the infos in the museum/monument/whateveryouwant. And they do it, even if they speak English poorly. The seaside is also beautiful, and a sunset on the beach is always enjoyable. The Black Sea is really nice and you'll love diving in it again and again !


I hope I convinced everyone to visit, discover and have the same experience as I had, and meet the same people that made my Erasmus stay unforgettable!

It was much better than I expected. I had great friendship from other nationalities. I will remember that i have been saving memories all my life. Erasmus never ends as long as we live. (:

First, you should stop with romanian stereotypes. Thanks to my Experience in Romania, I understood how Romania is a great, lively and beautiful country. I learned a lot about myself thank to this country. I succeeded in overcoming my anxiety against English !

You, future erasmus here, Romania will not deceived you, trust me !

I did in 5 month that i can make in 5 years ! Erasmus is the best thing that’s happened to my life : Meeting, family, share culture, trips …

My erasmus friends is my family now, i can travel, see them again (Poland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany…)


An advice, if you are tired and somebody says « Come here for a drink » Say « Da » ! You have time to sleep after your erasmus .


Enjoy your Romanian Experience !

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