Public Transportation in Bucharest

The Bucharest transport network is made up of a metro network and a surface transport network. Although there are multiple connection points, the two systems operate independently of each other, are run by different organisations (the metro is run by Metrorex and the surface transport network by RATB) and use separate ticketing systems.


Bucharest has a fairly extensive metro system consisting of four lines (M1, M2, M3 and M4) run by Metrorex. In total, the network has 51 stations,with 1.5 km (0.9 mi) average distance between stops. It is one of the fastest ways to get around the city. 

Older style metro cards can be purchased at any metro station, except discounted passes, which can only be purchased at a limited number of stations. Prices (as of April 2015):

  • 2-trip card – 5 RON(€1.13)
  • 1-day card – 8 RON (€1.80)
  • 10-trip card – 20 RON (€4.52)
  • Unlimited weekly pass (full price) – 25 RON (€5.65)
  • Unlimited monthly pass (full price) – 70 RON (€15.82)
  • Unlimited student monthly pass (available for students in Romanian universities) – 35 RON (€7.91)
  • Free for senior citizens over 70 years of age

Older-style metro cards are not linked with personal data or usage data in a central database and thus they guarantee anonymity of the travel. Because of that, however, if a metro card is lost or damaged, the traveler cannot be reimbursed for the unused trips.


















Surface transport

Surface transport in Bucharest is run by Regia Autonomă de Transport Bucureşti (RATB) and consists of an extensive network of buses, trolleybuses, trams and light rail. The RATB network is one of the most dense in Europe, and the fourth largest on the continent, carrying about 1.7 million passengers daily on 85 bus lines, 23 tram lines, 1 light rail line and 15 trolleybus lines. At times, and during the rush hours, it does suffer from severe overcrowding.

RATB is a reasonably efficient and a very frequently-used way of getting around Bucharest. As with the Metro, the system is going under a period of renewal. in Bucharest

RATB bus network is the most dense out of all the transport types in Bucharest. There are 85 bus lines (plus 25 night routes), most of which operate in the Municipality of Bucharest.

Although it depends from the bus, period of the day and how crowded is the area of the city, usually RATB busses arive every 10 minutes. The night busses have a different schedule.

Here you will find the intervals and the routes for the night lines:


Before getting on a RATB vehicle, passengers must make sure they have a proper ticket for the respective public transport vehicle and with the proper fare for the respective period.

The green Activ card, will be validated at the existing special appliances, immediately after getting into the vehicle.

An updated list for RATB's fares is here:


Using the student card and the identity card, every Erasmus student from University of Bucharest will receive a 50% reduced monthly pass for RATB and Metrorex