Hello guys! You have been for a while in Romania, let's get to know a bit more about this city! We are pleased to invite you on a journey into the natural history of Romania, "Grigore Antipa" Museum!

It is the perfect place to learn more about how our world has evolved from the beginning of times until now. There are several permanent exhibitions, which will catch your eye instantly, such as:

• The Black Sea Diorama
• Stag attacked by wolves
• Black Sea Seal
• The Alpine bioregion
• Cold Arctic Seas Diorama
• Atlantic Indo Pacific
• The Malaysian fauna
• Humpback Whale
• The Giant clam
• Bird of Paradise
and, of course, the most important exhibit of the museum – Deinotherium gigantissimum skeleton – that is one hell of a skeleton!

And you can get all this just by paying 5 lei if you have a student card !
All you need to do is to register here and hurry up cause there are limited places !

► When? November, Saturday 19th, 14:30.
► Where? Grigore Antipa Museum.

See you there on Saturday, 14:30!

19/11/2016 - 14:30 to 17:00
Grigore Antipa Museum, Sos. Kiseleff, no. 1. Close to Piata Victoriei Subway Station.
  • Everyone is invited.