Ready for another ESN party? The next one will be happening Thursday, October 20th at 23:00 in El Comandante Junior.

We can’t wait to see you at our ►Skype Interview Party◄ where the dress code is business at the top, laziness at the bottom! Ever wondered when a tuxedo with sweatpants will work? This party is the one for you. 

Let your creativity expand with this party theme and join us on the fun!

► El Comandante Junior
► Thursday, October 20th, 23:00

***Attention: Our SocialErasmus volunteers will be at the door through out the night and if you want, you can donate to help raise funds for our food drive this month. If you feel like being more generous our SocialEramus volunteers would be really happy!

Important: there’s a limited number of places since the club is rather small and not a huge amount of people can fit in.

20/10/2016 - 23:00
  • Everyone is invited.