Because we’ve done too much bad for the planet throughout the past decades. Because we started realising this too late and because the Earth Day happening once a year is certainly not enough. 

This is why the Team Work Association came up with a brilliant and environmentally friendly event that takes place every weekend and that we’ve been invited to. If you haven’t stepped yet into the Botanical Garden in Bucharest, then this is the time to show your love for the green around you. It’s rather about responsibility, long-term effects and self-satisfaction. 

Big words? If you feel that they are not that science-fiction to you and that you’re fit for a autumn clean-up, then join us in this gardening session at the Botanical Garden. 

Keep in mind:
1) all the cleaning gadgets are provided by Team Work. You’re in charge only with the good spirit.
2) Each participant will receive a volunteer certificate, free entry tickets to Botanical Garden and a volunteer pin, all these in addition to traditional muscle soreness :)
3) If you want to participate to this event please fill in the following form

Please fill-in the form before the 3rd of November 16:00

► When? Sunday, November 6th.

► Where? The meeting place is at "Politehnica" Subway Station, at 09:00.

This event is hosted by ESN UniBuc and ESN ASE Bucharest !


06/11/2016 - 09:00 to 14:00
  • Everyone is invited.