The Birth of ESN UniBuc

The story started in 2009, when a group of brave and innovative girls, fond of international communities, decided it was time to create an ESN section in our capital city. Thus, the founders, Nicoleta Popa, Monica Magaon, Ioana Dudulean, Corina Ioana Matei and Ana Maria Manu started to make history! Things were put into place, and events of all types gained popularity among foreign students living in Bucharest. In only two years, ESN UniBuc became the most active and most sought after NGO that dealt with incoming students in Bucharest.

The Evolution of ESN UniBuc

In 2013, things started to change with a fresh group of volunteers. They transformed ESN UniBuc in what you see today, an innovative international non-profit student organization. New projects were created, and both generations transformed it into a MUST for the exchange students.

Our projects gained popularity, our parties grew bigger and we managed to organize a significant number of cultural and social events. Also, during these years, we’ve managed to create HUGE national trips together with the other ESN sections in Romania: HiT (Halloween in Transylvania) in the `Land of Dracula` and Escape to Vama Veche, the event that celebrates Labour Day at the seaside.



Our Mission

We focus on helping students integrate in our society by guiding them during their stay, and helping them overcome cultural differences. We think we do a good job by presenting them the meanings of certain Romanian customs, helping them learn our language and organizing events so they can get in contact and socialize.

Our other goal is to promote as much as possible the Erasmus+ programme led by the European Commission.

Our Projects

We focus on:

1. Cultural events:

Cultural events are the best tool to make the Erasmus+ students to get to know our city and culture. We plan visits to the People’s House, The Romanian Peasant Museum, The Village Museum, and we organize workshops about Romanian traditions. The peak of the cultural experience is the Romanian Dinner and it doesn’t lack our famous: palinca (national drink) and sarmale with mamaliguta (traditional food).

2. Socializing  events

You all know our massive themed parties & almost every Thursday is an Erasmus party! Themes range from the Masquerade Charity Ball to the Inner Animal Party. All of these events are carefully planned carefully, because we know everyone needs that one moment when they can say „Man, this is MY song!”

Plus, every other Tuesday there is a chance for the Erasmus people to socialize or get competitive by playing Laser Tag or attending one of our social gatherings, such as a Pub Quiz. Also, they can learn a new language in a Tandem or prove their talents during a ‘friendly’ karaoke session.

3. SocialErasmus Events

We encourage active citizenship, wherever you are. Therefore, we’ve collaborated with Let's Do It, Romania! and we've informed the students of the problems our country is facing in order to improve and help the community. Also, we give them the opportunity to tell people about their country’s culture, through the Erasmus in Schools Project.

Our main goal is to make the world a happier place, one step at a time. 


What Makes ESN UniBuc Special

Our Mascot - „Bucur”  is a playful and magical monkey that attends our meetings and even tries to get some love and affection from the Erasmus students. He is for sure one of the main stars and sometimes it’s hard to keep him `home’, since he’s quite a party animal. We make sure that he receives a lot of care and attention from our students and members, and that he also gets his share of fun and interculturality. He has his own Facebook page and uses it.

What can we say?! He’s magical!

Be-Buddy program -  is the contact point for our Erasmus students. The Be-Buddy volunteer will be the first person that the incoming student will get in contact with. He/she will help our Erasmus students to accommodate, to discover events and places and to enjoy their semester/year in Bucharest.


Our Team

President - Madalina Bejan - Erasmus in Madrid

Vice-president - Ioana Diana Vasile - Erasmus in Munich 

"ESN UniBuc family helped me to see beyond any limits and be capable of doing things that I thought I couldn't do. Taught me how to be fearless in front of the unknown and how important is to have the right people around."

Secretary - Ana Maria Alecu

"Excitement. Stability. Networking.
For me, ESN did not represent just a new chapter, but a new lifestyle.   Being a volunteer taught me how to face the unknown, to dream the impossible, to fight until the end and then create another end and fight again. ESN is a continuous "fountain" of life lessons, unbreakable bondings, attainable aspirations and ongoing development."


Treasurer & ESNcard Coordinator - Mihai Gabriel Damian - Erasmus in Utrecht

"I volunteer because I want to help the students in need. I chose ESN for the Erasmus spirit, which you'll never forget."

PR & Marketing - Andra Manea - Erasmus in Milan

"For me volunteering is personal growth, fun, but also new skills to be developed and a lot of opportunities!
Every day in ESN brings up new challenges and experiences that prove to be the begging of an amazing journey."

Local Representative - Iarina Cojocaru - Erasmus in Maastricht

"Once my Erasmus+ study mobility at the EU Law School, University of Maastricht ended, I knew I would do anything to continue the Erasmus experience; that is when I joined ESN UniBuc... and it has been amazing! Fun, projects, friends, trips, all in one place. The best decision I could have taken!"

Be Buddy Coordinator -  Vacant


Events Coordinator -  Vacant


Mov'in Europe Coordinator - Solea Raluca-Andreea - Erasmus in Jena

"Last year in this time I only knew that ESN exists, now it is part of my life!
They say Mobility is a lifestyle...well ESN is a lifestyle too! Happy to grow in the bosom of this great family!"


Responsible Party Coordinator - Vacant


SocialErasmus Coordinator -  Valentina Vasluianu 

"Being a volunteer during my teen years meant a lot for me, because only in this way I could get to know who I really was as a person, and from the moment I stept in the ESN family I knew what a great future was waiting for me. Because when you say ESN you say friendship, hard work, fun time and amazing people, but you also say experience, memories, self-developement and self-knowledge, and all these things I couldn't have dicovered in a better place like this!"

ExchangeAbility Coordinator - Anca Irimia - Erasmus in Gdansk

"I am a volunteer in ESN UniBuc because I believe in the Motto: "Students helping students", I was helped before by ESN Gdansk and I want to pay it forward together with the great people from the ESN family. Also, I have experience in working with people with special needs and I want to continue the work on inclusion and accessibility."